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About Harmon Scents

Harmon’s has been serving the needs of hunters for 30 years all over the United States

The founder of Harmon’s, William D. Harmon is a native of Georgia, and has been hunting for over 50 years and has logged hundreds of hours hunting whitetail deer, turkeys, ducks, doves, bears, hogs and the like.

He has shared hunting experiences with world famous hunters such as Dean Durham, Bill Schofield, Bill Jordan, Eddie Salter, Preston Pittman, Ben Lee, Anthony Hinton, Joe Langlois, Phil Sosby and Jeff Hail.

Harmon’s has hosted deer hunting seminars across the nation, teaching hunters the habits and instincts of the white tail deer.

Harmon’s knows what it takes to get that trophy deer.

Harmon Deer Scents have been featured in the Whitetail Journal Buyers Guide and Buckmaster’s Magazine as a recommended hunting tool.

An avid hunter himself, he became frustrated with the ineffectiveness of lure and scent products available to the hunter

The solution:

Develop products that truly worked and were based on science and nature. Each and every Harmon scent and lure has been extensively field tested to ensure that the product that went to market was the best and most effective that it could be.

Harmon’s knows what it takes to get that trophy.

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